Managed MD5 Viewer

As part of Damasca's development, it was decided to move from using sprites for characters to using models - in this case, MD5 (of Doom3 fame) as the text-based format and support for skeletal animation made it perfect for our needs. In prototyping the support for the rendering MD5 models, I developed this MD5 viewer.

Running entirely in managed code (using C# and Managed DirectX 1.1) it can parse .md5mesh and .md5anim files, render models and play multiple animations - blending between them when the current animation changes.

Skinning is performed by the GPU, or if it's not available, the CPU. Simple FFP cell-shading is used to colour the model (to give the models a more sprite-like appearance in-game).

A screenshot from the md5 viewer.
A pinky demon rendered with cell-shading and GPU based skinning.