My CV begins just below, but if you'd prefer, I have also made available these downloadable versions:

Oliver Fallows |

Professional Summary

Software engineer with 7 years experience in the games industry. Specialising in optimisation, asset pipeline and toolchains, system architecture and memory analysis.


Principal Programmer

June 2009 - now


  • Technical lead of a small team on an unannounced next-gen project.
  • Credited on 5 titles Crysis 1 (Console), Crysis 2, Crysis 3, Ryse and Warface 360.
  • Developed tool for deep analysis of memory behaviour, pivotal in understanding and optimising the Crysis games for shipping on console.
  • Refactored memory management, including development of a space and time efficient small object allocator, and defragmenting allocator for GPU resources.
  • Moved sound system to command driven worker thread.
  • Ported terrain mesh generation to asynchronous jobs, pipelined with occlusion culler to minimise main thread coordination.
  • Developed pipeline for automatic analysis of asset dependencies to optimise loading and streaming of open world.
  • Optimised file streaming for decreased latency by improving request ordering, overlapping IO and processing, optimising file formats and reducing runtime work.
  • Key player in resolving memory corruption and race condition bugs.
  • Coordinated the integration of multiple features and optimisations into Warface 360, crucial to achieving the target framerate on that platform.
Tools Developer

December 2008 - June 2009


  • Integrated 3rd party lighting solution, Beast, into existing pipeline and editor.
  • Designed and implemented a job system for Beast to enable bakes to happen across multiple machines over the network drastically reducing overall bake times.
Tools Developer

August 2007 - December 2008

Free Radical Design

  • Developed and integrated into existing world editor a terrain plugin for real-time editing of heightmaps and blend maps.
  • Developed lighting plugin that enabled artists to configure background lights, baked lightmaps in real-time (GPU shadow mapped and raytraced), batched geometry into light groups for efficient rendering and was visually identical to game.
  • Implemented architecture for parallel processing of tasks in world editor.
  • Developed data binding architecture to create UI for arbitrary data sources on-the-fly.
Web Developer

June 2004 - August 2007 and

  • Designed and developed content management software to meet the unique requirements of each customer, utilising AJAX and dynamic pages to improve the user experience.
  • Implemented an Object Relational Mapping layer to abstract the database.
  • Produced, deployed and maintained bespoke websites for schools and businesses.
  • Technologies include PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MySQL, Subversion and Linux.


Lincoln University BSc Games Computing (Software Development) - 1st Class Honours

Computing and Software Development Skills

Languages C++11, C, C#, x86/64 assembly, PPC assembly, Python, HLSL, GLSL, BASH, PHP, SQL, XML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Visual Basic, Ruby, Haskell, Scheme, Prolog
Platforms Windows, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, .NET, Linux
Applications MS Visual Studio, MS Office, Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX
Middleware CryENGINE, FMOD Ex, Scaleform, MySQL, SQLite, WAF, Bamboo
Source control Perforce, GIT, Subversion